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The Shanghai Zoo

After I come back from UK, I feel what’s a shame for not visiting the London zoo. So I took my son to the Shanghai zoo instead a few days before, partly because I want him to be interested in animals, but I couldn’t deny the main reason is I want to see them.

That was a long day, we got there at about 10:30 and got out at 16:00. The weather is lovely and my son took his bike as a company which made me quite relieved because I don’t have to worry about holding him all day long.

We saw some giant tortoises first, they were taking the sun bathe. It’s a good way to keep them healthy.

The next thing we saw were some gold fish. He didn’t trouble to spend one minute on it which exactly the same behavior I would take if I was at his age.

After that, we entered primates area, all kinds of monkeys. It’s a very inaccurate word, because they all get their unique categories. I can hardly tell all the differences among monkey, baboon, ape, macaque, chimpanzee, gorilla and gibbon which now I find it’s very interesting to figure it out. One more thing, they all look like human beings at some extends. If the evolution is true, which I couldn’t find any strong evidence to refute it, then the Bible gets some faults.

Then comes the elephants, I asked my son whether he knows the name of it, but I think he was too shy to speak it out. And anyone knows why Evernote chooses an elephant as its logo? Because of the old saying “An elephant never forgets”. And that’s very true, the leading character of a herd of elephants is always a female, and her memories usually services her very well. She can remember her members even after a few years separation. And a good memory will remind her avoiding those places where usually the drought pursues.

The followings were ox and deer, not so exciting, I saw reindeer in Cairngorm’s Reindeer center and some wild roe deer in the isle of sky.

And now it’s giraffe’s turn, we usually been taught they’re dumb, now we know it’s not correct. They are not dumb, but we are deaf, they use the sound wave to communicate which we cannot hear. How ironic it is!

We have also seen two fights. One was between two rhinoceros and the other involved two pandas. I don’t suppose those were common things happen everything day. We were luck.

That’s just the half way, but I’d like to stop my pen keyboard. God knows writing is so time consuming.

Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat it.

I’m not particularly favor the date today, but if I don’t write something then it’s meaningless for me to buy a VPS overseas.

It’s the 25th anniversary for the Tiananmen Square protests.

I still believe if the government try to cover things up, there must be something wrong. But we Chinese people have been ruled by dictatorship for too long, I doubt whether there’s still hot blood in our body if our stomachs have been simply stuffed. Of course, I’m a coward, I always was. I dare not to doubt and questioning the government’s behavior, I afraid to express my thoughts in public, I hide my feeling toward the massacre of Tiananmen Square. The thing has passed 25 years, China has a dramatic economic bloom, but so what? A country without soul is not worth respect, no matter how great achievement it had done, even I am a member of it.

I’m quite pessimistic about the view of government toward this incident, I can see no change. And every time I’ve seen this country change on this issue, it’s always been for the worse.

I hope those people who died for their dreams would rest in peace, for if heaven really exists, the God will make them justified.

Personal Experience of Cycling

Today I cycled 168km for over 12 hours, thing longest distance and time for cycling in my life. That was really not easy for me, I’m dying on the half way. But I learnt a lot this time.

First thing first, get yourself a hamlet and pair of rear and front light. Safety shall never be ignored!

  1. If you plan a long run (>100km), make sure you eat enough and regular. I kept cycling for about 4 hours at first, I didn’t eat much this morning, and I was starving. I mean it, my whole body was shivering at that time. It’s nothing about a strong will, if you don’t eat enough, you definitely couldn’t go on. And when it comes to the time for lunch or dinner, follow your instinct, if you ignore the signal, there will be consequence.
  2. Have a Plan B, a well planned Plan B. I got a Plan B, I told myself, if I feel exhausted, I could go back by a train. The thing is I didn’t check the time table. So when I felt no strength left in me, there was only a train which I had no way to catch it in time.
  3. Go to bathroom before you set out. No one likes to search a loo halfway in your journey. But if you really need it, just go to any restaurant and ask. Don’t be shy, it will be far worse if you keep cycling.
  4. Change gears. No matter you believe or not, technically this method saved my skin today. My usual gear set tend to hard to push, but go very fast. Yet my limited energy doesn’t allow that to sustain for long. I happened to change the gear to the set when I climb some slopes. It’s much easier to pedal, though the bicycle won’t go as fast as the former set. For a long run, it suits me perfectly well.

Today’s cycling is a test to see whether I could cycle to Hangzhou (200km+), I won’t deny I’m a bit disappointed to find I’m not fully qualified yet. But still, it’s a very interesting and impressed experience.


My ownCloud service is online

When Google decided to shut off its Google Reader, I understand on thing. You should not rely on others, no matter how reliable they are. For now, Dropbox serves me very well. But it will be much better if I can handle my stuffs on my own server, then no one can ever shut it down without my permission.

ownCloud is a Dropbox-like service. The instructions of how to set it up is rather foolproof. You can either follow the Lifehacker’s article or the official one. The former is much easier to follow.

But there was still something unexpectedly happened. And it took me a very long time to solve this silly problem. If you decide to run the newest version of ownCloud (which we all do generally), then you should pay closely attention to the PHP version on your server. the ownCloud 6 (the newest one for now) requires PHP 5.3.3, but the official page doesn’t state it clearly. My VPS runs unbuntu 10.04 now, and by default you just cannot upgrade PHP to that version. So you should manually add a PPA to achieve that goal.

I spent five hours to find it out. I hope this post could help others who face the same problem, though it only a possible.

p.s.: What’s next? I consider to configure my own mail server. Gmail is great, but as I said above, things that under my control will be much better.

Falling Slowly

Whenever I heard this song, it reminds me the time in UK with my dear darling. It’s an opening song for a drama named “Once”, simple stories about love affairs. But it’s the first time for me to see a totally authentic drama, the atmosphere of the theater (the name of which is Phoenix), the beautiful rhythm of the guitar, the humor of the play (which I can understand maybe just part of it), all made me amazed. And what’s more important is that I share those invaluable time and wonderful experience with someone who I quite believe will accompany me through this life.

And after hearing this song, I desperately want to learn playing guitar.