My Blog has been Blocked in China

From Jan 6, 2011 my blog has been blocked in China.

It is very ironic, since I seldom wrote anything political recently. I don’t see my blog very popular among people which gained great influence, on the contrary, it’s rather small, for its average amount of visitors per day is only around 50.

So why block me? It makes me confused. Bloggers like me are not worth to be noticed or mentioned, we use blog to record something personal, something technical, and very rarely we do grumble about political affairs. That’s quite normal, isn’t it? If the government cannot even tolerant someone like us, the slightest dissidents, there must be something wrong with this country, what else could you say? Anyway, I hope it is not so, I hope it is a mistake, I hope anyone, especially the ones in China could visit my blog without using any “special” ways.

Here I shall say this: I will not be stopped blogging, not by the Great Fire Wall (aka: GFW) which blocked my blog, or the statics of blog visitors which disappointed me, or anyone who attempt to do so.

o.k., that’s all.

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