Pray for Japan

From Drop Box

When facing the fury of nature, we, human beings, are all too vulnerable.

Mar 11th, the most serious tsunami ever happened in the Japanese history has hit the Japan’s east coast, causing massive destruction and casualty. I watched videos on Youtube, it was horrible. Everything in front of the waves were all swept away. Buildings were pulled down like toys, men and women climb to the roof waiting to be rescued. The entire city seems disappeared in seconds.

Today I donated to Japanese Red Cross Society via Google checkout, one of the biggest donation in my lifetime, because I regard the damage was really really terrible, this is the worst disaster I’ve ever seen.

Pray for Japan. Hope everyone will find their way home, all the sufferings will be consoled, all the pain will be forgotten, the dead will rest in peace, the living will sustain and carry on.

p.s: Damn the GFW for blocking the login page of Google checkout.

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