How to fix the problem when Firefox cannot launch in Ubuntu

I’ve encountered such problems for several times. I don’t know why, but it just happens. Bad luck, maybe.

First of all, let me describer the syndrome, actually there are two syndromes:

  1. After launching the Firefox, the browser returns an error message:

    firefox is already running, but is not responding…

  2. After launching the Firefox, there’s totally no feedback. At first, the icon will show up, and after a short while, it disappears.

So the point is: how to fix it?

Of course, everyone knows that you should check the answers which you get from Google. But this time I got no luck, either those guys problems are differ from mine or the answers didn’t work for me. But at least, you can have a try.

Solution One:

Open Terminal (Applications–Accessories–Terminal or simply hit Ctrl+Alt+T), enter

killall firefox-bin


killall firefox

then reboot your Firefox.

Solution Two:

Unfortunately, solution one didn’t apply to my problem. So I have to find another one.

Open Home Folder (Places–How Folder), show all the hidden folders (you can do it by hit Ctrl+H), find folder named “.mozllia“, find its sub-folder named “firefox“, delete it and try again.

Solution Two worked for me, So I hope it will also works for you. Good luck.

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