Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it


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I heard there’s an old saying or idiom, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. So on this particular day, I want to share some of my thoughts.

We both, the individual and the authority, know quite well that 4th, June is not a common day, and will not be. But for the most of us we just pretend we don’t acknowledge it, and we never talk such topics in public. That’s our fault, after they committed the crime. We did nothing but turn a deaf ear about it. Where is our consciousness? Yes, you may say there are many people standing out to protest the wrongdoings of the government, but remember, even you can make a huge list of these dissidents’ names, they’re still the minority. The authority can crush therm like bugs at any time. The general population don’t give a shit about it. Only when their interests have been violated, will they resist; otherwise they are just “good people”, minding their own business. It’s quite normal, isn’t it? Actually it’s pathetic.

22 years ago, the students shed their blood in Tiananmen Square. The government regarded them as rebels. What did the students do? They made peaceful and non-violent petition, expecting that some reforms will take place in China, in a more open and more democratic way. And what  they got were bullets and tanks. I suppose some people must have lost their mind.

Now, 22 years passed, and China has become stronger and stronger, but do you think we, the ordinary people, get the benefits? We know too well that the government took the lion’s share. Citizens give up some of their profits and freedom to form a government,aiming to take care of the public affairs and serve the citizens, which should be controlled and supervised by the citizens. Now the government become the Big Brother, watching us in every aspect. How long can we endure?

Make no mistake, none of the regimes can hold the power forever. They either be overthrown violently or they have to seek reform eagerly; totalitarianism and oligarchy always fall into the former category

p.s: Since Langlang, the famous Chinese Pianist, refused to play “Candle in the wind” for the dead of 4th June, 1989. Let’s enjoy it our own.

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