Farewell, Google Reader!

I’ve never felt so sorry for a web service be offline. I love Google Reader! It the first and very reason why I loved Google so much. Reader broaden my horizon when I was a naive young student. I never imagine that I could read the useful articles without wasting time to open the original websites and dealing with the harasses of the ads. With Google Reader, I can acquire information which I need more rapidly and focus on the subject. Though I don’t regard it as a good habit, if I didn’t open Google Reader someday, I would feel stressed. For me Google Reader is both my friend and teacher, now if he has to be gone, all I could and wish to do give him a big hug and embed the memories which he has brought to me in my heart.

You will be missed, I promise.

From Drop Box

p.s.1: Some other words for Google. Though I know they have the right and their reasons to shut down their own services, this decision has definitely hurt the users who usually the loyalest to Google. I still cannot agree that this was or will be a wise decision.

p.s.2: The only services that won’t fail us are the ones build by our hands from the scratch, so I would try this project, and I suggest if anyone who has happened to read this post to try project like this too.

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