My ownCloud service is online

When Google decided to shut off its Google Reader, I understand on thing. You should not rely on others, no matter how reliable they are. For now, Dropbox serves me very well. But it will be much better if I can handle my stuffs on my own server, then no one can ever shut it down without my permission.

ownCloud is a Dropbox-like service. The instructions of how to set it up is rather foolproof. You can either follow the Lifehacker’s article or the official one. The former is much easier to follow.

But there was still something unexpectedly happened. And it took me a very long time to solve this silly problem. If you decide to run the newest version of ownCloud (which we all do generally), then you should pay closely attention to the PHP version on your server. the ownCloud 6 (the newest one for now) requires PHP 5.3.3, but the official page doesn’t state it clearly. My VPS runs unbuntu 10.04 now, and by default you just cannot upgrade PHP to that version. So you should manually add a PPA to achieve that goal.

I spent five hours to find it out. I hope this post could help others who face the same problem, though it only a possible.

p.s.: What’s next? I consider to configure my own mail server. Gmail is great, but as I said above, things that under my control will be much better.

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