Personal Experience of Cycling

Today I cycled 168km for over 12 hours, thing longest distance and time for cycling in my life. That was really not easy for me, I’m dying on the half way. But I learnt a lot this time.

First thing first, get yourself a hamlet and pair of rear and front light. Safety shall never be ignored!

  1. If you plan a long run (>100km), make sure you eat enough and regular. I kept cycling for about 4 hours at first, I didn’t eat much this morning, and I was starving. I mean it, my whole body was shivering at that time. It’s nothing about a strong will, if you don’t eat enough, you definitely couldn’t go on. And when it comes to the time for lunch or dinner, follow your instinct, if you ignore the signal, there will be consequence.
  2. Have a Plan B, a well planned Plan B. I got a Plan B, I told myself, if I feel exhausted, I could go back by a train. The thing is I didn’t check the time table. So when I felt no strength left in me, there was only a train which I had no way to catch it in time.
  3. Go to bathroom before you set out. No one likes to search a loo halfway in your journey. But if you really need it, just go to any restaurant and ask. Don’t be shy, it will be far worse if you keep cycling.
  4. Change gears. No matter you believe or not, technically this method saved my skin today. My usual gear set tend to hard to push, but go very fast. Yet my limited energy doesn’t allow that to sustain for long. I happened to change the gear to the set when I climb some slopes. It’s much easier to pedal, though the bicycle won’t go as fast as the former set. For a long run, it suits me perfectly well.

Today’s cycling is a test to see whether I could cycle to Hangzhou (200km+), I won’t deny I’m a bit disappointed to find I’m not fully qualified yet. But still, it’s a very interesting and impressed experience.


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