Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat it.

I’m not particularly favor the date today, but if I don’t write something then it’s meaningless for me to buy a VPS overseas.

It’s the 25th anniversary for the Tiananmen Square protests.

I still believe if the government try to cover things up, there must be something wrong. But we Chinese people have been ruled by dictatorship for too long, I doubt whether there’s still hot blood in our body if our stomachs have been simply stuffed. Of course, I’m a coward, I always was. I dare not to doubt and questioning the government’s behavior, I afraid to express my thoughts in public, I hide my feeling toward the massacre of Tiananmen Square. The thing has passed 25 years, China has a dramatic economic bloom, but so what? A country without soul is not worth respect, no matter how great achievement it had done, even I am a member of it.

I’m quite pessimistic about the view of government toward this incident, I can see no change. And every time I’ve seen this country change on this issue, it’s always been for the worse.

I hope those people who died for their dreams would rest in peace, for if heaven really exists, the God will make them justified.

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