A Mysterious World

When I was a little boy, about the kindergarten age, I found a world of my very own. At that time, I always liked to attach my head to a desk, and there would be some vague voice come from the inside of the desk. It sounds like remote radio signals, unclear, but definitely meaningful. I would enjoy the sound for quite a long time, to figure out what they were really talking about, or think about how to get to their world. It was quite fun for me, besides I kept this as a secret, such a huge discovery should not be shared. Yeah, at that age, what else can you expect a boy do?

When it comes the day that I suddenly realize this is not a mysterious world, it’s simply the real world with some altered sound. I was very disappointed, the feeling is like a long-known friend who stabbed your back without any warning. All the fantasies faded away.

I suppose those are the growing pains.

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