The rules we follow

One thing I felt uncomfortable is that some people follow rules blindly, either they follow the “God’s/Gods’ Words” or the “Secular Laws”. We follow rules either because we have been forced to, in which we know the ramifications ensued by breaking them; or we feel that they make the right sense, in which they probably coincide with our conscience. In whichever way, WE ourselves have the moral judge before any rules tell us what should be done or what response should be made. If our moral judge collides with the external rules, it’s the time for us to think, analyse and weigh pros/cons of the two sides, then draw the conclusion correspondingly. It should not be the attitudes that looking for the God’s/Gods’ Words or the law books first, to see which parts you agreed initially and change your mind to obey those which you don’t agree at the beginning with no good reasons.

Of course, that’s all personal choice, I respect that. I only want to present a personal point of view that if you cannot give me a reason, or your reason is not conceivable, I won’t have the slightest interest to try to believe in your idea no matter how wonderful it sounds like.

And of course, there are some rules I followed but I unable to utter a reason, that when I have some secret conversions with my conscience. But do remember that’s MY conscience, NOT anyone else’s, you cannot/shouldn’t force or expect anyone to have the same sets of conscience rules as yours.

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