I really doubt that the almighty God(s) will take offence if you said something that is not very nice to him/her/them. As almighty as him/her/them is/are, things like these must have been foreseen, and why bothered on such trivial stuff. Think about this, if I made a robot single-handedly, and this little shit somehow turned to me and said, “you loser, motherfucker, asshole…” I probably will laugh to death instead of crushing it with anger.

But though I assume God(s) can be humorous toward blasphemy, the blasphemy does offend some believers, and you are lucky if they just FEEL offended. If they become violent either vocally or physically, and want to give you a lesson under the name of God(s), you’d better prayer your safety. The thing is God(s) always (or in most of the cases) keep silence about blasphemy, it’s more often the faithful take the action for punishment, do they really think that God/Gods need them to defend his/her/their name(s). I would like to believe God(s), if he/she/they exist(s) is/are better or more capable than that.

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