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英语课的presentation, 一样写了不如一并贴在这里吧.

Hello everyone. First of all, I should say sorry to some of you , especially the ladies. Because you may not be very interested in what I am going to say next. My topic toady is  “my favorite PC game” named starcraft.  I’ll try to make this topic as easy as possible and I promise it won’t be too many terms. Near the end I’ll answer the questions but if you don’t understand something I am talking about, you can just shout.

OK, let’s get started.

If you are a boy and you are generation 80’s, you probably play this game before or at least heard its name, right? And if not? I have to say that you are such a good boy,but your life is miserable.

Starcraft presented by Blizzard Entertainment Company, a very famous one. It also presented many other classic games, such as diablo, warcraft and world of warcraft. If you heard none of these, i still have an idea to impress you, just imagine how great impact Microsoft had done on the software industry,and Blizzard just do the same in the field of PC game.

Nowadays this game has almost been abandoned in China. But it still very popular in Korea. you can hardly imagine how crazy the Korean like this game.Beacause the government supported the game industry, they have their own game stars, game leagues, when the final matches come, people rushed into in the stadium, even spectacular than the football game. These players earn a living on it, they have been called pro gamers. One of the famous one named ‘Slayer’_Boxer, his annual income is around 220,000rmb,exclude his advertisement incomes. When the e-sport wasn’t so strictly forbidden before, CCTV 5 has once made an interview to a korea game agent and asked:”what do your people regard of Boxer?” He answered: “Though it cannot be compared in such a simple way, Boxer is warmly welcomed in Korea  just like Yao in your country.

And do you know Berkeley University? It has set starcraft as their elective course. They suppose that will do good for the students, training them to think logical and reasonable in limited time.

Let’s switch back to the game itself.

Blizzard made all its games with a major priciple: easy to learn, hard to master. Starcraft is an excellent example. It has only three races, you just pick one and start playing. Each race have serval units and buidings, the number of these units and buidings isn’t large, about ten to twenty, all very unique and you won’t have any difficulties to remember them after playing serveral rounds. But even as it prevailed for more than ten years, people still argued which race is the best, no one can be considered as the strongest. That’s called hard to master.

To play starcaft well you need focus on three major factors : macro, micro, mind.

Macro. When the game started, first you should gather resource, or we can simply call it money, use these money you can either build up your army or develop your economy, you shouldn’t emphasis too much on either side. How to keep the balance between your economy and military force is called macro.

Micro. Something about your controlling skill. Use your unit to do more harm to your enemy. (Draw a map and explain). There is another term to measure your micro, apm , means actions per minute, the pro gamers’ average level is 240-300, that  indicates they hit the keyboard and click the mouse  4 time per second!  It is said the human’s limitation is 600apm, is that really a human?10 times per second, you can have a try.

Mind. Too complicated,I don’t want expand this part, just give you a very simple example. Zealot, a very powerful unit. Weakness? Cannot attack against the air and walks a little bit slow. How to eliminate him?Use your air force and do hit and run? Do you know hit and run? Pick a fast speed unit, attack you enemy and run away, since you flee faster, your enemy cannot catch you. Then you go back and do it again.

Why I choose starcraft as my topic, not only because it’s my favorite game but also because it has improved my English. I’ll share a story.

Starcraft has a subtitle–“brood war”, it means 母巢之战, but because of the carelessness, we all take it for granted that the subtitle is blood war , since brood and blood are vey similar. Then its meaning changed into 血战, which seems more suitable for this war game. When I finally realize it, I laughed at myself how could such a apparent mistake not been found for so long.

This game has consumed my life, but I still think it worth it. There are two very popular saying in the starcraft forum and I’d like to combine them as my ending. Beyond the game, we cannot play starcraft forever, but we could be friends forever.

ok, I am done, any questions will be welcomed, though I prefer none.

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  1. anonymous

    Wonderful presentation! Humorous and sincere!

    By the way, I laughed loudly when I saw the ending~~~~~~~


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