a story comes from a small label

Today I went MARKS&SPENCER(a.k.s M&S) in west NanJing road. It sells all kinds of oversea stuff, and I guess 30% of the customers are foreigners. I like their products, especially the foods, wrapped nice and looks delicious though the price undoubtedly expensive. I was just picking some of my favorites and suddenly  something caught my eyes. It is a small label says both in Chinese and  English:

We believe it’s important to guarantee farmers in the developing countries for xx(sorry, I forgot the word) and a fair deal. So they can enjoy a better standard of living.

I was shocked and feel humiliated… …What ironic is they have no idea what farmer really means in China, if any of them can afford such “luxury”(sorry for the exaggeration, but for such sorry people, it do means luxury.) China can no longer be called a developing country.

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