Wolfram Alpha Teaches You Math, One Step at a Time



Wolfram Alpha may be a data geek’s dream, but if you’re not all that interested in its more obscure uses, here’s one thing we could all use a little help with: step-by-step math calculations.

Just enter in the equation you want solved (say, for example, Solve 2×3 – 6.543x = x2, then click the Show steps link to see how you could solve the problem yourself next time without the help of Wolfram Alpha. It’ll then walk you through all the steps necessary to reach your answer. TI-85, eat your heart out.


对数据控来说Wolfram Alpha是个不可多得的东西,不过即使你对它那些隐晦难懂的应用不那么感兴趣,它有一项功能还是可以让我们借用一下的:数学计算的分步分解。

输入你想要求解的方程组(比方说,输入Solve 2×3 – 6.543x = x2),然后按一下“Show steps”的链接就可以看到解题过程,下次不需要借助Wolfram Alpha也能独立解题了。它会向你一步步展现必要的解题步骤,最终得到答案。TI-85(本博主注:一种图形化计算器。),比你强哟。

p.s : 当初要有这个,作业做起来就轻松了。。。Wolfram Alpha确实强,解题步骤清晰还配幅图,非常直观。不要傻做题,代数和图形结合更能窥见其奥义,哈哈。

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