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Set SSL Google as the Default Search Engine when using Pentadactyl in Firefox

First of all, if you don’t have any idea what Pentadactyl is, then this post maybe not worth your time.

Secondly, I should tell you about my system environments: Ubuntu 11.04; Firefox 6.0. If yours are differ from mine, I suppose it will still be ok, in most of the cases, they share the same steps.

Now, let’s start.

  1. Why use Firefox? It’s the only browser what can have Pentadactyl as the add-on.
  2. Why use Pentadactyl? It’s vim-like add-on, designed for some keyboard addicted users to make life easier and more efficiently. If you ever heard about vim, you should know how powerful it is.
  3. Why bother to use encrypted google search engine? It’s really something personal, I like it, because I like it. If you insist to ask, I think the main reason is I don’t want my search queries to be intercepted. Besides, it makes me cool and different.

In Pentadactyl, when you want search something, just type “o”(open the results in current tab) or “t”(open the results in new tab) followed the search words. By default, Pentadactyl use google as the search engine, Not google ssl. So how to change it? Add it as a bookmark will be the first step. Since we use Pentadactyl, let’s do it in some cool way:

  1. Press “:” to begin to typing command.

    bmark -keyword gssl https://encrypted.google.com/search?sclient=psy&hl=en&safe=off&site=webhp&source=hp&q=%s&pbx=1&oq=&aq=&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=

  2. Press “Enter” to execute the command. And now you add it to your bookmark. Then press “:” again to type another command.

    set defsearch=gssl

  3. Job done!

Command no.1: “-keyword” is an option for you to name a search engine which will be used in the second command. The url I provided maybe only functional in my system environment, I’m not sure. But if it doesn’t work, you could find it by yourself. AND it’s more easier.

  1. Open https://encrypted.google.com
  2. Right click of the search box
  3. Choose “Add a Keyword for this Search…”
  4. Name a keyword as you like, in my case it will be “gssl

It’s exactly the same result as command no.1. You will find the url when you check this bookmark’s property.

Command no.2: is used to set the default search engine. I really try hard to find this option of Pentadactyl…

Well, over…

How to fix the problem when Firefox cannot launch in Ubuntu

I’ve encountered such problems for several times. I don’t know why, but it just happens. Bad luck, maybe.

First of all, let me describer the syndrome, actually there are two syndromes:

  1. After launching the Firefox, the browser returns an error message:

    firefox is already running, but is not responding…

  2. After launching the Firefox, there’s totally no feedback. At first, the icon will show up, and after a short while, it disappears.

So the point is: how to fix it?

Of course, everyone knows that you should check the answers which you get from Google. But this time I got no luck, either those guys problems are differ from mine or the answers didn’t work for me. But at least, you can have a try.

Solution One:

Open Terminal (Applications–Accessories–Terminal or simply hit Ctrl+Alt+T), enter

killall firefox-bin


killall firefox

then reboot your Firefox.

Solution Two:

Unfortunately, solution one didn’t apply to my problem. So I have to find another one.

Open Home Folder (Places–How Folder), show all the hidden folders (you can do it by hit Ctrl+H), find folder named “.mozllia“, find its sub-folder named “firefox“, delete it and try again.

Solution Two worked for me, So I hope it will also works for you. Good luck.

How to install Firefox 4 (Stable) In Ubuntu [10.04 and 10.10]

Source: How To Install Firefox 4 (Stable) In Ubuntu [10.04 and 10.10]

Now Firefox 4 (stable) has finally released, I cannot wait to have a try. Though I use Chrome quite a lot nowadays, Firefox was once my favorite. Somehow it’s a little bit slow, but it can highly customize, that win my heart, besides, I’m quite indulge in”Pentadactyl“, an add-on to emulate vim in the browser. Of course, Chrome has the similar extension, “Vimium“, but I suppose  “Pentadactyl” is better.

If your OS is other than Ubuntu, you can probably find Firefox installer in this page, download it, click and install, simple and easy. And if you happened to use Ubuntu like me, then follow these steps:

  1. If you are using the development version of Firefox, remove it with the command,
    sudo apt-get remove firefox-4.0
    If you are not using the development version, skip this step.
  2. Now add the Firefox stable PPA.
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable
  3. Now update the software list
    sudo apt-get update
  4. Finally install Firefox 4 with the command.
    sudo apt-get install firefox
    After installation, you will find Firefox under Applications > Internet > Firefox Web Browser.

Some of the add-ons are not compatible with Firefox 4, such as “Autoproxy”, I don’t know how to fix it now, but I’m sure with the help Almighty Google, you can find your way.

O.k., let’s surf.





Initial method:选Password,后下方会出来空格给你填密码。

用Proxy Switchy。安装地址:这里。设置界面如下:

New Profile–Profile Name随便填--SOCKS Host: Port: 7070–选择SOCKS v5–再选择Switch Rules标签
勾选 Enable Switch Rules 然后勾选 Online Rule List,在Online Rule List 下面填写 http://autoproxy-gfwlist.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/gfwlist.txt 后面下拉列表框选择你前面命名的Profile Name,勾选 AutoProxy Compatible List,然后Save,大功告成。


添加一项,名字随意,proxy host:  port:7070,选择socks5




Internet选项–局域网设置–勾选“为LAN使用代理服务器”–地址: 端口:7070–OK,完成




  1. Firefox地址栏里键入“about:config”,不包括引号。
  2. 点击“我保证会小心”
  3. 过滤器里键入general.useragent.locale,不包括引号。
  4. 修改属性为“us-EN,不包括引号。
  5. 重启浏览器。
  6. 再重启浏览器。(是的,你没看错,我试了两台机器,都是要重启两遍google工具栏才变成英文版的,原因不明。)