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Jogging in my way

A very inspiring post has just impressed me. I cannot help thinking of myself, my own experience about jogging.

When I was a little boy in junior high school, I quite regarded myself as a born runner, a natural. The memory of my first 1k still serves me vividly. I ran rather causally, not expected to sweat my cloth, so I was almost the last one in the group. And in the final lap, my teacher yelled at me for my poor performance. I was not so happy about that, so I tried my best to catch up the team, and it turned out that I was the top 3 to finished the long run. When I gave my teacher a wick smile, I felt I made a wonderful revenge. And my confidence about my running ability was built ever since.

But at that age I didn’t realize that a gift without practice is doomed to be wasted. When I entered senior high school, I boldly took part in a 1.5k match and encountered a miserable failure. I was downcast and didn’t want to touch the game again. Like a self-fulfill prophecy, I did worse and worse in running. After I graduated from college, I didn’t know whether I could finish 1k without both of my hands touch the ground and opened my mouth widely struggling for fresh air. That was the totally dark medieval of my running experience.

Not until I played a basketball game with some young students about 3 or 4 years ago, did I realize that I have to make a change. In that game, I cannot keep pace with other players for merely five minutes, I didn’t have speed, I didn’t have staying power, I am like an idiot wandering the playground doing nothing but idling around. I don’t like myself to be that kind of person.

So I started jogging. At that time, I didn’t check the basic knowledge about jogging, I just started. I suppose that was good. There’s no better tutorial than a true running heart. At first, it was hard to finish the 1k, but I sustained. Day by day, with the hope to bring my strength back, I can run 5k steadily. But after that and without any special reason, I cease jogging about one year later. Maybe I felt tired, maybe I thought I’ve reached my goal.

A blank period of my jogging life has followed since then.

One and half year ago I began jogging again. My intention was to form a habit, I never cultivate a habit spontaneously. And if a habit is good for me, why cannot I force my brain to attain that? Anyway, I am the master of my brain, not vice versa. This time I wanted to be a little bit professional, so I surfed the internet to get some information about jogging equipment and knowledge. And I knew if I want to keep healthy and jogging for the rest of my life, I must protect my knees well which means a pair of good shoes cannot be ignored. But I rather worried that I would fall into the same routine, jogging for a while and quit again. For that  reason I didn’t buy myself a pair of shoes at first, I told myself that that would be a present if I could sustain for half a year. It was not that easy, I tried really hard to again jogging steadily for 5k per day, I changed  the route for 2 or 3 times in case I bored myself.

Half year finally passed, I bought myself a pair of mizuno rider 14 and a pair of asics cumulus 13, and usually I ran with the former. Summer quickly followed after I bought my shoes, I did hesitate whether go out under the torrid sun, but to make jogging as a routine, I forced myself to run on these hot miserable days. Sweat is awesome liquid, it really a delight time when I finished jogging, went home and took a bath. After suffering from those joyful pain, every time I had the slightest idea to quit jogging for one single day, I would chide myself, if you could sustain such pain, what else could stop you from jogging?

When the time went by, I jogging for longer and longer time, for most of the time I ran 8.4k in 45 min, the average speed fell between 10-11km/h. In September, I try to run my first 20km. Though I failed, I still glad to be acknowledged that my limitation has reached 15km. At that time, I seriously thought about the possibility to finish a marathon in the future. I hope I could reach that goal in a year. (In retrospect I shouldn’t regard a marathon as such an easy task, I definitely cannot do it in a year. But anyway, I am still working on it, and I am quite sure I could do it in the near future.) Every two weeks, I would try my 20km on weekend, I cannot finish it in the following two months, but without doubt, I was making progress.

In December, I took part in the Shanghai marathon as a semi-marathon runner. It was very impressive, I’ve never jogging with so many people surround me. And jogging with so many people I seemed to drain strength from them. I surpassed those runners one by one, those experience like rewards, they encouraged me to run ever faster. I finished my race without a stop, that was beyond my calculation, as you already know, in common days I never finished a 20km. When I pass the final line, I kinda felt I am refreshed, transcended, it was…terrific, even better than sex.

After that marathon I kept jogging as usual, but something unexpected has happened. Since then I got myself hurt several times, sometimes it was the ankle, sometimes it was the knee. Usually it took me one or two weeks to reappearance to the road where I often jogging. I suppose that because I was to eager to finish a marathon in a short time and jogging for too long time. As the old saying, “more haste, less speed”, I decided to slow my pace. The most important thing is keep jogging, if you jogging slowly, it’s OK; if you jogging for a short distance, it’s also OK. Don’t to pushy to yourself, listen to your body. Now I jogging 7km every day, if I can keep jogging for 5 days and my feet feel absolutely comfortable, then I add 0.8km, no more, no less. There’s no need to rush, I can see I’m making progress continually and I am quite happy about that.

If I can run a marathon someday, I’d very glad to come back here and share my experience. Hope that day will come soon~

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p.s: I have heard some people say, the most noticeable feature of the amateur is that their equipments are very professional. It sounded like a joke, but I suppose it’s quite true. No equipment can improve your performance better than get out immediately and jogging for sometime. If you cannot keep jogging, there’s no difference between throw you money to the garbage and buy any kind of equipments.





  1. 晚上或天色不好时跑步,一定要穿亮丽的衣服;如果穿黑衣,也一定要带荧光。
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